Understanding Wheel Choices

Understanding Wheel Choices

Maneuver Over Slick Surfaces And Help Your Fans Identify Your Monster Truck During A Mud Bogging Competition

Abigail Hayes

If you recently purchased a used monster truck and are going to be entering it in a mud bogging competition at the county fair in a few weeks, the tips below can be used to maneuver over slick surfaces and help your fans identify your vehicle as you compete:

Maximum Traction Tires

Purchase maximum traction tires from a tire shop and have them installed and balanced. Deep grooves in the surface of each tire will help you maintain traction as you are driving through thick mud or maneuvering your truck up inclines that were created on the track where the mud bogging competition is being held.

The tires will be an investment since they will be useful after the competition has ended as well. If you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall or frequent ice storms, your truck won't be likely to slide all over the road, and you can remain confident while driving. 

Metal Runners 

If your truck is lacking runners or if there are runners secured to each side of your truck, but they are worn and weathered, purchase metal runners. Metal runners that have a non-skid rubber surface will help you safely enter and exit your vehicle without worrying about slipping and falling onto a mud-covered surface.

Metal runners that are a color that complements the color of your monster truck's body will help audience members see you as the mud bogging competition is underway. After heading home from the competition, use a detergent that has been mixed with water to clean the runners. Move a scouring pad or sponge over the surface of each metal strip to remove encrusted residue. 

Vinyl Signage 

Stop by a business that sells custom vinyl signage and ask for assistance with designing a layout that will enhance the appearance of your truck. Vinyl signs that contain a lucky number or a nickname will help your friends and family pick you out from the crowd of competitors. After choosing signs, use detergent and a large sponge to clean the sides of your monster truck.

Rinse the truck's body with water. Once the truck's exterior has dried, affix vinyl signs to the truck's doors or side panels. After pressing the adhesive side of each sign against the truck's exterior, move a paint roller or squeegee over the edges of each sign. After the competition, peel the signs away from the truck's body or leave them on the truck if you prefer to.


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