Understanding Wheel Choices

Understanding Wheel Choices

Tire Maintenance: Do's And Don'ts

Abigail Hayes

The tires on your vehicle play an important role in getting you from Point A to Point B and back again. Similar to every other component on your automobile, tires need a certain amount of maintenance in order to stay in good shape and continue working properly. Here is a look at some tire maintenance do's and don'ts to ensure that your tires remain in top-notch condition.

Do Avoid Potholes

There are numerous hazards on the road that can cause damage to your vehicle's tires, but there are very few that can be more hazardous than potholes. An incredibly severe pothole could potentially buckle your wheel or possibly even cause a blowout. Therefore, it is imperative that you avoid potholes whenever possible. When you are unable to swerve out of the way and miss the pothole, reduce your speed to minimize the impact.

Don't Forget to Check Tire Pressure

Outdoor temperatures can cause the pressure in your vehicle's tires to fluctuate, especially when temperatures begin to fall. To ensure that your tires are not under-inflated, use a tire gauge to check the pressure of your tires on a monthly basis—possibly when you get gas. If you fail to check the pressure in your tires, you may notice that you aren't getting as good of gas mileage and that your vehicle is handling well. In addition, the tread on the tires will wear faster and unevenly and you are increasing your risk of a blowout.

Do Schedule Regular Rotations

Tire rotations are one of the essential and regular maintenance services that ensure that all four of your vehicles tires wear evenly all the way around. This rotation helps to increase the life span of the tires. As a general rule, rotations should occur after 6,000 miles (so every other oil change), but you can get exact specifications for your specific vehicle in your owner's manual.

Don't Drive on Tires That Are Excessively Worn

Everyone knows that tires will not last forever. Tires may seem like an expensive purchase, but they are necessary. You don't need to drive with tires that have little to no tread on them as this increases your risk of being involved in an auto collision. To know if it is time for new tires, grab a penny and place it upside down in the tread. If you can see the entire head of Abraham Lincoln, then the tread is too far gone and you need new tires.

Whether you need new tires or new wheels, including Falken tires, contact a tire and wheel company near you.


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